Google Spreadsheet Budget Vs Microsoft Excel Budget

Which one do you use?

It’s clear that having a personal finance budget on a spreadsheet is an effective approach to handle your money. But should you be using Microsoft Excel or Google Docs as a means?

Advantages of Using Microsoft Excel For Your Personal Finance Budget

Excel is the most popular spreadsheet on the market; as a result, more people use it as a means of budgeting than any other spreadsheet option available, even Google Docs. But what are the advantages to using Excel?

1. It has the most functionality – Excel does the most. Period. There are thousands of customizable options,
formulas, colors, structures, and formats that you could create using Excel. No other spreadsheet program does what Excel can do. What does that mean for your budgeting? Well- if there’s something you would like to see done, chances are Excel can do it.

2. It’s the most popular – Because Excel is the most widely used program on the market, it allows people to get help on formatting and creating formulas that you probably couldn’t get on other programs. The internet has tutorial after tutorial on how to create a budget on Excel.

3. It’s quicker and more dependable than Google Docs – And that is very true! Sometime Google Docs goes down or moves very slowly. It’s dependent on the internet working well. If that is not the case, you won’t have access to your budget. Excel is a software program, and if your computer runs well, then you’ll always be able to access your budget.

Advantages of Using Google Docs For Your Personal Finance Budget

Google docs has several advantages. Following are just a few:

1. Access from anywhere – You can get to your Google Docs from anywhere because how it’s accessed via
the internet. Google hosts your information for free, and makes it available to you whether you’re sitting at home in your office or on a business trip to Europe. You can access and edit your budget from anywhere using Google Docs.

2. Easy to learn & use – Google Docs is much like Microsoft Excel, so using it and learning it is going to very easy if you’re thinking about making the switch. It’s not nearly as complex as Excel, so you’ll be able to pick it up in 10 or 15 minutes.

3. Free – Google Docs isn’t going to cost you “one red cent.” If you don’t already have the Microsoft Suite, you’ll have to spend a fortune to buy it. It doesn’t make sense to spend a large sum of money on a means to greater financial security, does it? Use Google Docs because it doesn’t cost a thing.

Trevor Shipp, the author, works as an online business consultant, student, husband, and business owner. Only just recently married, he and his wife take a serious approach to personal finance in their early years. Follow him on his personal finance blog.